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Polaroid Photography is a fun way to capture images. The instantaneous nature of polaroid chemistry provides an immediacy which other photographic approaches lack. Witnessing the image developing 'in your hand' is an experience every child and adult should have. The number of polaroid cameras in existence is legion however many are languishing in attics or in cupboards disused and neglected by owners many of whom are put off by the high price and scarcity of polaroid film. Nevertheless polaroid photography offers simplicity, portability, and relative affordability in image making, and an entry to abstract art through manipulation and emulsion lifts with image transfers to paper, wood or glass. Another popular creative approach is to take a picture of a polaroid picture which are often inventive and amusing. Polaroids through their distinctive border stand out as a single image or combine in a striking manner with others forming a collage or grid. Many other creative opportunities exist such as combining two, three and four images on the one polaroid film as possible with the Polaroid Multi-shot camera. Taking a Polaroid picture involves a physicality not experienced in other photographic mediums given the peel of the polaroid photograph, the smell of the chemicals developing the image and the whirr of the functioning polaroid camera.  

The aim of stan@polaroidphotography.co.uk is to promote polaroid photography through the provision of information on polaroid resources, techniques, events, and exhibitions.

All images are available for sale as 20 x 16 inch C-type matte prints. Prices are shown in the eShop.  

The images shown on this page and in each of the two galleries have been taken with one of the following cameras, a Polaroid SX-70 single lens reflex Land camera using PX Shade film and a 6 foot remote cable release, a  Polaroid Shackman Multishot and a Polaroid 420 Automatic Land Camera in which Fujifilm FP-100c, FP-100b, and FP-3000b are used. Further images have been captured through use of a Polaroid Macro 5 Dental Camera on Polaroid 990 or Polaroid Spectra 1200 film. All polaroid images have been scanned by an Epson Perfection V500 photo scanner. Minimal adjustments were carried out in Lightroom or in Photoshop. In the creation of polaroid manipulations a variety of hand held burnishing like tools have been used, in addition to which differing sheets of coarse sandpaper have been applied when 'texture' has been required. 

Some non polaroid instant images taken with either a Fuji 100 or 200 camera are provided for sale and included within their own category.

In my polaroid photography I am influenced by the artistic works of the Hungarian photographer Andre Kertesz and those of the American Grant Hamilton. Grant's images act as a great incentive to get out there and snap 'the mundane' in a minimalist manner whilst Andre's images remind me of the need to remain mindful of composition and balance . You ought to be out there doing the same.